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OE-100oe-100.jpg (565521 bytes)

Royal Staffordshire "Tonquin" Rimmed Bowl--$15.00 each (2 available)

This is dinnerware by Clarice Cliff, made in England.  There are 2 of these dishes. They are 8" wide  could be used for soup or salad. Design color is plum.


oe-101.jpg (561609 bytes)

Royal Staffordshire "Tonquin" China  Bread & Butter Dish --$10.00 each (8 available)

This is dinnerware by Clarice Cliff, made in England.  There are 8 of these dishes that are  8" wide.  They could be used to put under the soup bowls, or for salad.  They are not completely flat, scooped in the center.  They are plum in color and in perfect condition.


oe-102.jpg (158770 bytes)

Salem Swirl Pattern /Bone China Glaze USA--$12.00 each (three available)

These 3 dishes have a swirl pattern on the dish.  These 3 dishes could be used for salad or dessert.  They are 7.5" across and are an egg shell color.  Perfect condition.


oe-103.jpg (191732 bytes)

Avon "Country" Moisturizer Hand Lotion Bottle--$8.00

This is a 10 oz pump bottle # 43106 in light gray with blue flower pattern on the front and blue color strip under pump nozzle, 7" tall and has a handle.  Great condition.


oe-104.jpg (169313 bytes)

Avon "Miss Lollypop" Cream Sachet, #6602--$9.00 

This sachet jar has a small white kitten on top.  I have had this for at least 30 years and is in good condition.  It is 6.5" around and 3" tall.


Royal Staffordshire "Tonquin" Rimmed Bowl--$10.00 each (1 available)

This is dinnerware by Clarice Cliff, made in England.  This dish has a small chip on the underside of the rim.  Design color is plum.


OE-106 bellmer.jpg (204885 bytes)

Gorham China, USA "Bellmere"  Plates--$18.00 each (2 available)  

Gorham Fine China, Est. 1831 Fine China  plates are 11" around, with a platinum ring around the top of plate and a thinner ring of platinum  2 inches further inside plate.  These are cream in color.  No cracks or chips, good condition.

OE-107OE 107 gorham china.jpg (203428 bytes)


Gorham China Plates-- $18.00 each  (2 available)

Gorham China  Est . 1831 Fine China USA, Gorham Platinum Rim.  These dishes are 11 inches around.  The plate has a Platinum rim all around the outside, and another thinner Platinum rim 2 inches toward the center of the plate where the plate is recessed for the food.  They are both in good condition, no chips or  marks and are an ivory color.


OE 108 franconia.jpg (229306 bytes)

Franconia K & A Krautheim Selb Bavaria Germany  Plate "Silver Crown"-- $15.00

This plate is 10 3/4 inches across.  It has a platinum rim that is about 1/4 inch wide  and another very thin rim 2 inches toward the center of the plate where the dish is recessed for the food.  This is an off white color and in perfect condition.


OE-109 Ransgil June  Rose.jpg (241013 bytes)

Ransgil China "June Rose" Plates--  $17.00 each (3 available) 

These dishes have a gold trim around the rim of the dish, then 1 inch down, another thinner rim and incorporated into that, there is a pattern of roses in pink with greenery on opposite sides of the dish.  This pattern is about 5 inches long.  The pattern on this dish is very pretty and dainty.  They are in good condition.  No chips, scratches or marks.


OE-110.jpg (72718 bytes)



Vintage Chocolate Brown Purse/Watch--$20.00

This purse has a Hanover Lifetime Mainspring Swiss made watch attached on the front with a strap.  It has a buckle strap which allows it to be removed.  At this time the watch is not working, but I am sure it can be fixed.  The inside is stamped " LINED IN GENUINE LEATHER, MADE IN THE USA".  The purse is 12 inches by 7 inches. The handle has 2 cracks on it.  I bought this purse at  "The Broadway"  Department  Store in Hollywood, California  in 1959. The outside and the inside of  the purse is still in good condition and the color is very nice.  It is a very unique purse and can still be used.



dcp_2536.jpg (497409 bytes)

Vintage Black Clutch Purse--$10.00

The purse is 7 inches at the top, then gets a little larger to 8 inches at the bottom and 6 1/2 inches from top to bottom.  It has a bow at the top the width of the purse, and is trimmed with gold at the top.  The closure is perfect and is a very usable evening  purse.  The material is like taffeta, smooth and silky. A great clutch for evening events.


oe-112.jpg (161809 bytes)

White Cookie Canister --$15.00


he canister is 9 1/2 inches tall 5 1/2  inches across.  It has a design cut in all around the canister, looks like a pineapple.  There is no name on the piece.  There are no cracks or chips.  It weighs 4 lbs.



OE-113 Nitro Coupe 91 Corvette.jpg (462859 bytes)


Muscle Machines--$10.00


This is Muscle Machines Nitro Coupe, Die Cast Adult Collectible, SHARK ATTACK, '91 Corvette ZR-1 John Reynolds NCO3-10. 1:64 Scale, 8+ old.  Brand new in case, perfect condition.


OE-114 pink shoes.jpg (313154 bytes)

Ashley Taylor Pink Shoes--$10.00

This is a pair of pink high heel shoes in size 9, tag still on.  They have never been worn, but there are a few nicks on the heels. This does not take away from the shoes which are pink and have a beautiful glow to the color. Heels are 2 1/2 inches high.  The shoe is man made in China.  I bought these about 10 years ago.



OE-115 Cream Color Shoes.jpg (313188 bytes)

Life Stride "Wish" Shoes--$10.00

This pair of shoes is bone color in 9M.  It has a pointed toe with 2 very thin straps coming from the front top of shoe to the sides of the heel.  A very smart looking pair of shoes with a 2 inch flat heel. They have been worn but are in great condition. The shoe is  man made in China. These shoes were purchased  about 9 year ago.



OE 116 Rhythm Step Tan shoes.jpg (306151 bytes)


Rhythm Step High Heel Shoes--$10.00

This is a size 9M pair of  high heels in a tan color with a 2 3/4 inch heel.  They have been worn and have only one 1/4 inch scuff of the inside of the right shoe.  A very pretty design on the toes of the shoes. They look like a new pair of shoes.  No scuff marks on the heels. They are man made in China.  Purchased about 10 years ago. They are 9M in size.



OE-117 Life Stride Bow Shoes.jpg (391536 bytes)

Life Stride Heels--$10.00

These shoes are size 8 1/2.  They are tan in color and have a very pretty bow on the top of the toes.  They have been worn, but they are in perfect condition. They have a 2 3/4 inch heel.  A great looking pair of shoes. They were man made in Taiwan.



oe-118.jpg (229170 bytes)

Vintage Daher Tin--$10.00

This tin has the following markings on the bottom:  Designed by Daher, Long Island, N.Y. #11101, Container made in England.  This tin has no dents. Inside the inner lid, it is a little discolored because of taking the lid off.  Otherwise, it is in perfect condition.  It is 4" from the top of the lid to the bottom, 11 1/2" around. A very pretty design on the tin.


oe-119.jpg (181205 bytes)

Mini Hopping Woodstock--$7.00

Mini Hopping Woodstock, 1965 United Feature syndicate, Inc. Aviva Enterprises Inc.  Woodstock is 2 3/4" tall  and comes with the original box, and is as cute as he can be.  I am afraid he is not able to hop anymore.  I have had him for about 32 years.  Even though he does not hop, he makes you feel good just looking at his smile.


oe-120.jpg (146489 bytes)

Vintage Cigarette  Holder--$15.00

This holder is 6 1/2" long, and made of  black bacolite.  It has 12 rhinestones,  2 to 2 1/2 inches from the end with 2 small gold colored rings on top and bottom of stones. There is a gold ring around base where the cigarette goes.  Some marks around lip end from use.  I have had this for 50 years and not used it since then because I had quit smoking. All the stones are in and secure, no other marks on the holder.



oe-121.jpg (750498 bytes)

Charisma by Bel Aire Wedding Dress--$20.00

This wedding dress in made in the USA of 100% Acetate, size 9/10.  It is ankle length and ivory in color.  The back comes to a V shape low and has a flower attached  the same color of the dress. It looks very pretty from the back because of the shape of the back.  The bodice has a lace front and lace that continues around the neckline  over the shoulders and around the back of the dress and  has cap sleeves.  It is really a very pretty dress.  There is a small stain in one of the pleats,  and can be removed, not very visible.  This dress is very pretty and there is nothing else wrong with it.  It is 20 years old.


OE-122 ChivasNotebook.jpg (60361 bytes)





Chivas Brothers LTD. Notebook--$12.00

The inscription on the notebook is Chivas Brothers LTD. ABERDEEN, Scotland. It is 4 Ĺ" by 3 3/4" and has their Coat of Arms.  Inside the notepad on top, there is a design that says, "Chivas Regal 12 year old-Scotlandís Prince of Whiskies", and has a model of a bottle and a glass. The note paper has the same wording on the bottom.  There are 15 sheets of paper left on the pad. The original red pencil has a place on top of notepad and it is tucked in there. This is a very unique notepad, small and hand held. The color is gold and has very small designs on it. There are a few small scratches on cover that do not detract from  the looks of this notebook.. On the inside cover the bottle is pushed in slightly. This notepad is very unique and a real find.


oe-123a.jpg (309679 bytes)

Anne Geddes Pictures, "Litho in USA--$10.00

First picture "Little Thoughts With Love", Wash Tub MRF 103 is picture of  two little babies in a washtub . This is framed and ready to hang size 9x11.

The second picture is titled "Little Thoughts With Love" with 3 little babies in a washtub, MXF1 133 Lith. In USA. It is framed and ready to hang, size is 7x7. The frames for both pictures are a cream color. These babies just make you smile and make you happy to look at them. A great gift for someone, or just  make yourself happy.  These pictures are sold as a set.


oe-123b.jpg (447457 bytes)

oe-124.jpg (395007 bytes)

Lady Remington Electric Shaver--$22.00

This shaver is in the original container and has cord and brush. It is marked Lady Remington on the bottom of container, Made in USA, Patent Pend. This shaver still works. It is about 46 years old and it belonged to me. There is a small crack on front cover where you open the container and is not very visable.. It is in a pretty pink color.


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