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"The Boy Jesus"
story of the birth of Jesus and events of his boyhood in the form of a radio play
by Ted Kneebone
Scripture translations by Eugene Peterson, from The Message. NAVPress, 1995.
for St. Mark's Episcopal Sunday School
performed December 15, 2002
Aberdeen, SD - St. Mark's Church - 2002.

4 girls, 8 boys, 1 adult female, 2 adult male
15 pages, when set in 14 point Times New Roman

all rights reserved

About the author:  

Ted Kneebone. 

Author Comments:

This radio play was written for and about the kids at St. Mark's Episcopal Sunday School. In part of the play, they are themselves. Later, some of them act characters in Jesus life, real and fictional. I used pieces from Handel's Messiah for the music and the opening and closing. I had hoped the choir would provide the live music, but since that was not possible, we used recordings. There are very few sound effects. We used one of the high school students as our audio technician and another to do the sound effects. Our priest was the station announcer. If this is produced again, we will have to change the call letters. There really is a station KSMC!

By combining parts, the cast can be smaller. We used mixers and an amplifier, 4 microphones plus mixers, fed into the church's public address system. The recording was made by the church's cassette recorder patched into the public address system.

No royalty fee is charged, but I would appreciate a recording of the play and any comments you might have about it.

For information regarding this script contact:

Ted Kneebone, 1528 S. Grant Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401

 Phone: 605-226-3344 / Email:


Summary of Production Script

Mrs. Morris' Sunday school class is planning for the annual Christmas play. One kid suggests they use something other than the King James version of the Bible as the source. Another wonders what happened to Jesus from his birth to his next appearance in the Temple at age 12. They decide to make up some possible adventures of Jesus as a child. Since I wrote two othe plays in the 1980s, I have made this one part of the fictitious series: The Living Word.


Excerpt from the Production Script

Nick. Are you using the old familiar story?

Mrs. Morris. Yes, the birth of Jesus -- if that's what you mean.

Nick. No, I mean those old words: "And it came to pass..." (Pause) "The birth of Jesus came about in this wise..." (Pause) "A decree went up from Caesar Augustus..."

Mrs. Morris. You have remembered those words quite well, Nick. Yes, we plan on using the King James version of the Bible as our source.'

Jordan. But aren't there modern translations that we could use?

Mrs. Morris. Yes, Jordan, there are.

Nick. My parents have a couple of them. "The Living Bible" and the "Good News Bible."

David. We have one called "The Message."

Annie. That's a different name for a Bible!


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