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Original Scripts

Drama Comedy Science Fiction Thriller/Mystery Musical Religious


"The Five W's of Murder" by Michael Giorgio (aror00002); Thriller; Narrator, 7 m, 4 f, 2 either; 29 pages 8.5 x 11; Adult interest level; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

"Solutions by Hellinger" by Michael Giorgio (aror00003); Thriller; 4 m, 2 f, 1 either; 25 pages 8.5 x 11; Adult interest level; Interest Level Adult; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

"The Pattern" by Edward Morrison (aror00015); Thriller; 2 m, 1 f; 20 pages 8.5 x 11;  Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

Drama Titles

"Battle of Saratoga" by Dennis Alberts; history, docudrama; 1 annc,  1 narr,  13 men; 10 pages on 8" x 10"; Juvenile and General;  Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info. 

"Last Dance, First Dance" by Dennis Alberts; Drama; 1 narrator  4 m,  4 f; 20 pages on 8" x 10"; Juvenile; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info. 

"Fugue for a Man and a Woman" by A. S. Maulucci; 1 m, 1 f; 7 pages on 8" X 10"; Drama; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

"Charley's Jail" by Stan Jankaitis; 4 m, 2 f; 30 pages; Teens and upward; fantasy/drama; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.


Comedy Titles

"Tell Them NAPA Sent You" by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns (aror00014); Comedy; 3 Females, 5 Males; general Juvenile, college interest level; 13 pages, 14 minutes; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info

"The Painter" by Brian Price (aror00006); Comedy; Announcer, 3 Females, 5 Males, 2-3 bit parts; General, juvenile, college interest level; 12 pages, 12 minutes; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info

"The Prodigal Sock" by Brian Price (aror00006); Comedy; Announcer, 1 male lead, 1 female lead, 4 1-scene characters, TV Announcer; General, juvenile; 11 pages, 12 minutes; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info

"Cyber Bob and the Silicon Kid" by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns (aror00013); Comedy/Science Fiction; 1 adult male lead, 1 Adolescent male lead, 1 Adolescent female lead, 1 Cyber-bar tender, 2-3 patrons, 1 computer game announcer, 1 computer nerd, 1 computer voice, 1 whiz kid; 23 pages, 28 minutes; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info

Science Fiction Titles

"RT-1" by Don Kisner (aror00001); science fiction; char: (5) Narrator, 1 f, 1 m, 1 alien, 1 robot; 14 (8 X11) pages; written for middle school/high school classroom production; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

Musical Titles

"The Piper" by David Gasking (aror00009); musical; char: Adults: 2m, 1f leads, + 6m, 1f, 3 either, + chorus--Teenagers: 2 f leads, + 1m, 3 either, + chorus--Younger children: 1m lead, + 2m, + chorus; script plus song lyrics: 73 pages double spaced A4--Keyboard and instrumental ensemble arrangements are available as printed manuscript, in Finale 97 computer music format, or as MIDI, etc export files. Interest Level: Family/community; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

Religious Titles

"The Boy Jesus" by Ted Kneebone (aror00010); religious; char: 4 girls, 8 boys, 1 adult female, 2 adult male; 15 pages, when set in 14 point Times New Roman; Interest Level: Children; Summary/Excerpt/Contact Info.

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